HIV in Europe: Working Together for Optimal Testing and Earlier Care

HIV in Europe is a pan-European initiative initiated in Brussels in 2007. The initiative provides a European platform for exchange and activities to improve early diagnosis and earlier care of HIV across Europe. The initiative is directed by an independent group of experts with representation from civil society, policy makers, health professionals and European public health institutions.

Overall objective

The overall objective of HIV in Europe is to ensure that HIV positive patients enter care earlier in the course of their infection than is currently the case, as well as to study the decrease in the proportion of HIV positive persons presenting late for care. HIV in Europe is not an organisation, but an initiative formed to inform processes, share knowledge and improve the evidence base around important issues of earlier testing and care. It is unique in its collaboration between stakeholders from both clinical, advocacy and public health level.

HIV in Europe focuses on 5 concrete projects:

  • Consensus definition of late presentation
  • Estimating the size of the infected not yet diagnosed population
  • HIV indicator diseases across Europe
  • The people living with HIV Stigma Index
  • The criminalisation of HIV

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